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Title: Terrence: A Short Story (Under Ground #0.8)
Author: Alice Rachel
Published by: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: May 15th 2017
Pages: 154
ISBN: 9781544648941
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Synopsis: Bullying is nothing new to Terrence Young. The teasing and harassment are constant. His family is less than understanding as well. To them, Terrence chose to be gay and complicate their lives. Their little rejections sting and cut him deeply.
But when the Deviance Act is passed, Terrence’s life takes a turn for the worse overnight. Under the new law, a mere look, a simple touch, or a small kiss in public could mean death. Terrence attempts to hide his orientation to survive. That is until a gang attacks him in a bar and Chase Martinez interferes.
Chase is gorgeous, kind-hearted, and he’s a rebel in the Underground—all qualities that attract Terrence so much there is no stopping the fall. Loving Chase might be dangerous, but Terrence is done living in fear and letting others dictate what is right for him.
*The author pledges to donate 100% of sales revenue from “Terrence: A Short Story” to The Ally Coalition


1. First off all, can you give the readers a quick description of Terrence
Terrence's Story is about a man living futuristic New York State where many people have lost their rights—especially women and LGBT people. Being gay is illegal in that world, and Terrence tries his best to hide his orientation until he meets Chase, a member of the Underground (a rebel group seeking to overthrow the government and restore freedom for all).

2. Terrence is a part of the Under Ground series, so could you tell us what is the series about and how this short story fits in it? 
The series is about New York State, which has seceded from the rest of the country after a civil war triggered by climate change. In that world, women from the upper-class are forced to marry men chosen by their parents, people are allowed a certain amount of children based on the class they come from, and the lower class is not allowed to marry or have children. Anyone who isn't straight risks getting killed on sight. The series comprises three main novels, as well as various novellas and short stories. The short stories develop the backgrounds of different main characters. Terrence's story talks about his life before, during, and after the Deviance Act, an anti-LGBT law.

3. From the synopsis, we can tell that the main character is gay and is also bullied. How important it's for you to include relatable characters in your novels? 
It's essential. All my characters have flaws and deal with issues many of us encounter in life today: depression, anxiety, a lack of acceptance from society, bullying... I did a lot of research to help me represent Terrence as fairly and accurately as possible. Fair representation is important to me in every book I write.

4. Now, tell us a little bit about your day-to-day writing routine. What is basically a good writing day for you? 
A good writing day is a day when I have time to write. *laughs* I have a full time job, so I don't have a specific routine. I write when I can and when I'm not too tired.

5. You've published quite a few works. Are you working on something new for the near future?
Yes, I'm working on Common Ground, which is the story of Taylor, one of the leaders of the Underground, and Kayla, his second in command. I'm both excited and scared about that story because Kayla is one of my readers' favorite characters. This story is also tied to Morgan's story, on which I am also working. In Morgan's story, Morgan and her girlfriend aren't allowed to date because they are both promised to different boys.

6. To finish this interview, I would like for you to share your favorite books from the first half of 2017! I saw on Goodreads that you're almost reaching your 2007 Reading Challenge, so you must have good book recommendations for us! 
I have loved all the books on my Goodreads Challenge, I think. My favorite books have been Dear Ancestors by C.P. Patrick, Kindred by Octavia E. Butler, A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, and Love is Love. I enjoyed all the books I've read this year, really, but these four books are so important I wish everyone would read them.

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Author Bio:

Alice Rachel is the author of the YA Forbidden Romance/ Dystopian Romance Series "Under Ground."
Her time is divided between teaching French, writing, reading, drawing, and spending time with her hubby and guinea pigs.
Alice loves talking to readers, so send her a message...