Looking for a Beta Reader?

What is a Beta Reader?

A Beta Reader is someone that reads an author’s manuscript before it's sent to an editor and offers constructive criticism, such as: the flow of the story, the dialogue, the development of the characters and potential plot holes. A Beta Reader also provides suggestions for improvement, without disrespecting the author or/and his work.

Do you need a Beta Reader?

Yes. Writing a book isn't easy and it's a very subjective work, so more often then not writers struggle to keep a perspective on their work and don't consider the reader's opinion, or even interest. A Beta Reader has that in mind and helps you to realize the little things that could be better.

Why should you hire me?

Well, I think there are a lot of reasons. 

1. First of all, I am a reader as well as a future publisher (I hope). As a reader, I’ve read almost every genre and have seen a bit of everything. As a future publisher, I'm comfortable to know what works and what doesn't in the publishing industry. 

2. I'm blank honest. Personally, I don't like to lie and those principles follow me as a beta reader. I will always give you my honest opinion, even if it consists of a lot of constructive criticism. However, I will never disrespect you or judge your choices as a writer.

3. I make suggestions, yet you are the one that decides what to do with your manuscript. I know my place as a beta reader, so the picture is simple: you're driving the car, and I'm in the passenger seat giving you the coordinates, that you chose to follow or not. 

4. I work as professionally as I can. I'm a fast reader and your manuscript is my priority once you hire me. Usually the authors receive my full report within 2-3 weeks, or even earlier.

5. I've been a reviewer for about 5 years. First, as a blogger and 3 years ago I started a Youtube Channel, on which I also review novels. 

6. On my montly wrap-up videos, I always mention the books I've read, including the ones as a beta reader. Plus, if available I also include links (like Goodreads) for the manuscripts I've beta read. Free publicity!

7. Once your manuscript is published, and if you want, I will be happy to help you marketing your work, such as: promoting your book on social media, , featuring you and your work on my blog, arranging giveaways, reviewing your book on my blog and on other websites (Goodreads, Amazon)...

Genres I accept/won't accept:

I accept the following genres: Fantasy, Science-Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Young Adult, Dystopian, Historical Fiction, LGBT and Erotica.
I won't accept: Horror, Religion, Poetry and Non-fiction.

What can you expect from me?

After I've read your manuscript, I will provide you with my full report, that consists of my thoughts as a general reader (for example, character development, plot, writing style,...) and my answers to any of any specific questions or concern you may have.

What you shouldn't expect from me:

1. I will not actively correct grammatical and/or typographical errors. Yet, If I notice any, I will point them out.

2. Post the feedback/report publicly. All of my criticism is entirely private and only for you to know. 

3. As I've said before: I won't sugarcoat my opinionAuthors need a honest and objective feedback.

How does this work?

1. First, you will contact me through the Contact page. In the email, you should mention who you are, tell me a bit about your manuscript, like a synopsis and let me know how many words it has. If you have any specific requests regarding time or my report, please also let me know. 

2. I will email you back letting you know if I'm free at the time to beta read. If yes, I will tell you how much it will cost you. Keep in mind, I'm very affordable and that my costing fees depend on the length of your manuscript.

3. At this stage, you will send the payment (in Euros, not Dollars) through PayPal with the email I'll provide and also send me the manuscript to my personal email. 

4. Once the payment comes trough, I will start reading. 

5. After I finish your novel, I will write my report and email it to you.

If you have any questions or just wish to ask how much it would cost for me to beta read your manuscript, contact me here.

Jim Kunst
I reached out to Ana for a look at a speculative, early version of my project. Ana is a great communicator. She answered my concerns and pointed out issues I should consider. She always answers emails, which I appreciate. (Did I say always? Yes, always.)
RE: English (for anyone who might be wondering); it's a non-issue. She is completely fluent; this is evident in the email exchanges.
Highly recommend.

Marina Osikok
What a detailed and thoughtful review! I liked how carefully you explained the elements you liked and the ones you did not. A lot for me to reconsider. It is very helpful. Thank you

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