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About the book:

Title: Corruption of the Heart
Author:  Jessica Manson
Published by: Xlibris
Publication date: January 3rd 2017
Pages: 222
ISBN: 9781524572808
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Synopsis: Lilith Carson was a normal girl whose parents died suddenly. She moves to a different state with her aunt, and she cuts herself off from everyone. Until one day, when her crush appears beside her in the library. From there, they fall in love, fast and hard.
Lilith finds out that when she turns eighteen, she will transform into a Vampire-Witch hybrid. When a vampire conceives a female, that female already has a mate chosen for her. When Lilith was conceived, there was a mistake. Her world is turned upside down when she must choose between two guys she barely knows.
Lilith has chosen the guy of her dreams and has settled into a life that she thinks is perfect. But nothing is ever as it seems. She will soon face the ultimate betrayal by someone she loves deeply.


As soon as she sat my fangs popped out. I could smell her blood. She smelt tangy and sweet at the same time. I looked over at her and noticed her veins pumping in her neck. I became really thirsty and my mouth watered. She leaned into me, “Go ahead.” she said.
I looked at Tristan, he nodded giving me the okay. I turned back to Gilda and without hesitation I sank my fangs into her neck. She tasted just as sweet as she smelled. Her blood ran hot down my throat coating it. As soon as the blood hit my stomach I felt a surge of adrenaline run through me. Tristan came over and joined me, taking the other side of her neck.
Gilda moaned with delight. She liked being fed from. And I liked her liking it. My body reacted without me telling it to. I pulled away from her neck and kissed her. She kissed me back. She ran her hands over my breast causing my nipples to harden. She pulled away from me pushing my head back to her neck. She turned to Tristan and kissed him. He growled with pleasure as she slipped her hand down his pants. She turned back to me and kissed me again. I rubbed my hands along her small frame feeling her body.
She removed her hand from Tristan’s pants and grabbed both of our faces. She pushed us together causing us to kiss. Heat rushed through my body. His lips were soft, gentle. He didn’t kiss me with passion but with love. I realized what was happening and pulled away from him. “Oh my God Tristan. What did we just do?” I started freaking out. “Odin is going to kill me.”
“No, he’s not. It was just a kiss Lilith. He doesn’t even have to know.” Tristan said.

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Author Bio:

Jessica started writing when she was 10 years old. She started out writing poetry which has been published in several Poetry Society books as well as on the Internet. She won the Publisher’s Choice Award for her poem A Lost Soul. She has always had an addiction to reading which is what lead her to become an author. Her debut book is Corruption of the Heart.